Why I Support Bernie!

Why I Support Bernie!

My name is Matthew Kirk and this past fall I decided to run for Ohio Senate. Prior to this I had never been political however, as an economic development professional with the State of Ohio and City of Columbus I worked in close proximity to political leaders on both sides of the aisle. I wanted to be involved this year because I felt this year was different, that this year people were going to stand up and say enough and the people have done their part. The dominant narrative of our politics today is the fall of the middle class.

On the left we have Bernie Sanders and on the right we have Donald Trump pushing the same narrative which is the middle class are being left behind. They both agree, the system is rigged for the wealthy and well connected. While one has fought against this for decades the other has lined his pockets. I have been behind the closed door and can tell you with certainty the system is rigged and the last thing we need in the White House is an entitled rich kid addicted to government handouts. This problem is a federal problem, a state problem, a city problem, and a Republican and Democrat problem. This is a system wide problem. How do we fix it? One solution is to get the money out of politics. Another is to open up the ballot process to make it easier for third party candidates to run. But the best solution is for the people to stop allowing politicians to divide us over wedge issues while they do nothing to solve our problems. Even better is to pursue all of the above.

I am an all of the above kind of candidate because I believe our government works best when we have true discourse and conversation. What we have now is a battle of fundraising and sound bites which gives us politicians who are beholden not to the people but the special interests who fund them. Ohio is a shining example of how this system works. Ohio is well known as a purple state and yet the Republican party enjoys large majorities in both the House and the Senate. This has been achieved through the deliberate gerrymandering of Ohio’s districts. With so many uncompetitive districts the party is able to launder their fundraising dollars to support candidates in the few competitive districts there are. While I can appreciate this as a beneficial strategy for achieving power for the few it is a not a strategy to achieve a representative government of the many, a true democracy.

We must demand democracy. We must demand our state back. We must tackle our problems boldly. I believe this and the one candidate for President who I support Bernie Sanders believes this and when we work together we will win! Our problems are real and will require dedication beyond this election to make real progress. The need is great and it is up to us to carry the vision of a future to believe in, to our communities.

Supporting my candidacy will be doing just that.

I need your help to bring about the change we need please consider donating or signing up to volunteer!



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