Go Whole Hog – To do something as entirely or completely as possible; to reserve or hold back nothing.

Our platform is about moving the great state of Ohio forward by focusing on outcomes instead of bureaucracy and process. In my opinion our Government should be about achieving results by challenging our approaches and investing in efficiency. Bob Hackett and his fellow Big Money Republicans just don’t get it so we will tell them.

We The People Demand

  • A government that works for all people not only the wealthy and corporations.
  • Competitive Elections and Campaign Finance Reform
  • Education that results in Good Paying Jobs.
  • Work with dignity. Work which allows us access to Food and a Roof without having to seek government assistance.
  • An end to corporate welfare. When leaders carve out tax breaks for businesses and developers the everyday taxpayers are left to pick up the tab. We will continue to partner with the business community but everyone needs to pay their fair share of taxes.
  • The tools of the future. We will not settle for failing transportation, dated energy systems, and a lack of access to the internet. If we are to succeed we must have the infrastructure of the future, not the past.
  • Our right to the American Dream! Including but not limited to access to opportunity, equal treatment, and the protection of individual rights and freedoms.
  • To leave a better future for our children and provide for those who have gotten us here.