Beyond Trump and Hillary

Beyond Trump and Hillary

Dear Voters,

On November 9th it will all be over. No more visits from the Donald and Hillary and I can go back to watching tv and being sold normal stuff like laundry detergent, paper towels, and personal injury services. Most importantly I will no longer have to hear the constant drone of how horrible everyone is.

The truth is so much more unites us than tears us apart and turning against each other is exactly what the rich and powerful want middle class America to do. Their strategy is divide and conquer and they are doing a good job. On November 9th some will feel the glow of “victory” and others the sting of “defeat”. In reality little will change for you or the community you live in. Why? Because most of what happens in your community is decided on the local level and has nothing to do with the dysfunction in Washington.

Local politics in Ohio are as about as rigged as they come. Most districts are gerrymandered so badly that they are no longer competitive and representation is decided by state party bosses. If it wasn’t enough that the odds were stacked in the favor of one party the financial backing is equally out of balance. For instance the race for House District 43 (one of the few competitive districts in the whole state) the Republican incumbent has raised and spent in excess of $230,000, almost entirely from the party establishment and wealthy donors while the Democrat has managed to raise $6,000 from friends and family. The job pays roughly $60,000 a year and the Republican party is spending well over four times the amount for the seat. Why you may ask? Because this is about power and when lawmakers are passing laws that result in millions of dollars in tax breaks and special exceptions, $230,000 is nothing to the rich.

If you want real change this election we have to look past the hyper partisanship at the top of the ticket and vote for candidates like me who have the best interest of our citizens and communities at heart.

Fly with the 99%,


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