A letter to Trump Supporters

A letter to Trump Supporters

Dear Donald Trump Supporter,

My name is Matt Kirk. I am an Ohio Senate candidate, Greene County Democrat, and I support you. I understand many of you are fed up with establishment politics and politicians whose idea of public service somehow always finds a way to financially benefit them and the 1% who write the checks to bankroll their campaigns. All the while our communities get overlooked and our basic systems whether it is healthcare or education fall into various states of disrepair.

This is not a Democrat vs. Republican problem. As Donald Trump himself has said “I give to everybody, so when I need something they take my call” it is clear the powerful and wealthy know no party. They use the parties, and the powerful in the parties use us. They divide us up from our families, friends, and neighbors by making our politics about a tiny number of issues which in normal conversation would be weird. Based on our views on this very small number of issues whether it is women’s health(abortion), defense of marriage(marriage equality), or one of the others they use, we get sorted into one of two groups who are then told how horrible the policies and people are in the other group.This has become the foundation of our politics.

I believe we are better than this. I believe we are proud people who love our communities, neighbors, and schools. I see it everyday. The people I know rally together when times get tough, we help friends who have lost a loved one or whose house has burnt down. We donate food and clothes to people who don’t have them and we lend our ear to a friend going through a tough time. We don’t ask about their politics because on a human level, we don’t care. We only care because the parties and the media has told us it is supposed to matter.     

I will not abandon any of my friends or family members based on how they vote this November and I hope you don’t either because this is exactly what the people in power want. Divide and conquer is their strategy. My opponent Bob Hackett benefits greatly from this very system. For starters, the vote is stacked in his favor – 60% Republican vs. 40% Democrat. Bob’s seat is viewed as safe and that makes him a big fundraiser, having raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interests and the wealthy. He is particularly beholden to the insurance industry who he has raised over $250,000 from and was recently named their national legislator of the year. Bob is not just a fundraiser, he votes in their interest too and often refers to himself as a “businessman legislator”.

I will be a legislator focused on building strong communities and strong families. These are our greatest assets. I spent many years making deals between government and business for the Strickland and Kasich administration’s and I can tell you first hand giving tax breaks to the biggest corporations is not an effective strategy for building up the middle class. Politicians like to talk about how low taxes is the key to a strong economy, this is not true. Because for a business the most important thing is making a profit and the key to making a profit is locating in a strong community. A community with qualified workers, nice neighborhoods, good schools, and well maintained roads. Too many of our communities are being left behind and see no new investment, their schools are in decline, and our legislature is doing nothing to help. I will fight for you and your community.

Putting communities first,

Matthew Kirk   

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