I am running first and foremost because I love my family and all Ohioans and I believe our political system is no longer working. Technology is creating huge change, our government is not reacting fast enough and Ohio is being left behind. I could point to a number of studies to show you our poor school performance, the rise in poverty, and the decline in middle class jobs which have destroyed our communities but you and I already know we need change without seeing any of it. We know from the conversations we have with our families, friends, and neighbors that things aren’t right.

So why me? Some people are into cars, or guns, or gardening. I am into government innovation. I set out to make the State of Ohio better when I studied Urban and Regional Planning in College at Miami. I worked to make Ohio a better state during my career as an economic development professional for the State of Ohio and City of Columbus working hand in hand with the business sector and communities to move our state forward. I left the workforce knowing a change was needed but knowing I needed to make a sacrifice for my family and so I have spent the last three years of my life working to support my wife and our young son but at the same time I have been anxiously waiting to introduce my vision for Ohioans.

I am bringing a creative and independent approach to solving our problems. I am beholden to no one political ideology and I believe a good idea can come from anywhere. I know government, so I know it is broken. Government looks at our problems in silos broken down into programs and departments making it all to easy to pass the buck when we fail to make progress and too complex to make meaningful change for those it is intended to help. I will break down the silos and hold my fellow lawmakers accountable when they fail to address our problems.

My campaign is about People. It is about providing people with the opportunities they need to pursue a better life for themselves and their families. It is about not settling for watered down solutions. It is about making the hard decisions even if they are politically unpopular.

I hope to lead us towards a better shared future where we are one together striving to be our best!




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Robert Reich breaks down the barriers currently keeping the middle class from achieving economic security.

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